Let's see what's in the Bonanza Exotic zoo

Bonanza Exotic Zoo is a small zoo with an area of ​​about 40 acres. You can walk up to see the animals and feed them up close.

You will walk in a circle for about 700 meters to see more than 50 kinds of cute and exotic animals along the way.

This is my travel plan.
Day 1

Bonanza Exotic park fee

  • Adult 150 baht
  • Children 80 baht
  • Children under 100 cm tall get in for free.

I visited here on August 13, 2022.

In front of the zoo is a large parking lot.

Buy a ticket to go inside.

You will receive 1 bag of bird food and horse food each.

This is a small crocodile.

This is a short breed of horse.

There are many parrots and you can feed them.

Walk another 50 meters into a goat pen.

This guy is so cute.

There are signs indicating different animal species.

This is probably a camel.

Pig and deer.

Big turtles are very popular here.

A group of cute rabbits.

The giraffe viewing spot is another popular spot.

White hedgehog.


Lions spend most of their time sleeping.

This orangutan looks majestic.

I spent about 30 minutes here. I've been to Phu Khiao wildlife breeding center, Chaiyaphum, there are more animals to see.

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