I came to visit Muaklek Arboretum and Muak Lek Waterfall

Muak Lek Arboretum, Muak Lek Waterfall Located in Muak Lek District Saraburi Inside the Muak Lek Arboretum It has been renovated more beautifully than before. From the entrance to the waterfall.  A large forest garden with many shade trees and several spots to sit and rest on the green grass under the trees.

There are many restaurants outside the waterfall and there is also a walking street. Getting here is very convenient because it is close to Mittraphap Road with many public buses. But I came here by car.
Location : https://goo.gl/maps/3ruzYEhBcWowdEGV8

This is my travel plan.
Day 1

Muak Lek Waterfall It is a waterfall that looks like a wide stream. It flowed through large rock layers, forming a short waterfall. The water source that flows from the fertile forest in Khao Yai National Park itself.

I visited here on August 13, 2022.

There are many Thai food stalls in the parking area.

Inside there are various trees and the weather is cool.

There is a tourist map showing you.

Green grass all over the area.

Travel to the waterfall about 150 meters.

It had just rained and the water was quite cloudy.

It had just rained and the water was quite cloudy.

This area is dangerous, swimming is prohibited.

But there are safe spots to swim.

This is the bathroom where you can wash and change clothes when you're done swimming. I spent about 30 minutes here. It's a very shady attraction.

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