I visited Wang Kan Leuang Arboretum and Wang Kan Lueang Waterfall

Wang Kan Lueang Arboretum and Wang Kan Lueang Waterfall are located in Chai Badan District, Lop Buri Province, about 3 hours from Bangkok (190 kilometers distance).

The two locations were only 5 minutes apart. I visited both attractions on August 12, 2022 at 12:00. Both of these attractions have different highlights.

This is my travel plan.
Day 1

- Wang Kan Lueang Arboretum is a small waterfall with beautiful emerald water, serenity, and there is camping area for you to spend the night here.

- Wang Kan Lueang Waterfall is a large waterfall with more restaurants and facilities, but not an overnight camping area.
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/nu4ZigjPuszEwv847

I tried to take pictures without using any app so that the resulting photos weren't too different from the actual place. 
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/V7tfd2Zr2sJz27wD9

How to get to Wang Kan Lueang Waterfall?
The waterfall is in a rural area, you should rent a car and drive here is the most convenient.

I chose to go to Wang Kan Lueang Arboretum before going to Wang Kan Lueang Waterfall.

Before reaching Wang Kan Lueang Arboretum, you will see a large Buddha image.

Entrance sign to Wang Kan Yellow Arboretum

You must register before entering the attraction.

Pathway to the waterfall.

There is a bathroom before reaching the waterfall, but it may be rusty.

I'm confused as to why this sign shows that this is Wang Kan Lueang Waterfall.

Walk about 200 meters to reach the waterfall.

It is a small stream with clear emerald water flowing in shallow layers.

The water is cold and you should go for a swim.

This area is at the beginning of the waterfall. There are some people pitching tents.

After walking for about 100 meters, there is another spot for swimming.

People prefer camping in this area.

You can drive to the camping site but the road conditions are bad.

There is a restaurant in the office area.

There are quite a few tourists.

Next, I travel to Wang Kan Lue Waterfall which is a busy day with many tourists.

There is a lot of street food here.

Pathway to Wang Kan Lueang Waterfall

There are more tourists than at Wang Kan Lueang Arboretum.

The suspension bridge is not maintained.

Tourists are happy to play in the waterfall.

I also shot 2 videos of these attractions.

I spend about 50 minutes touring both attractions. Then I continue to Wat Khao Wong Prachan.

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