Watch Lyle's flying fox (big bat) at Nong Sida Temple

Flying foxes are the largest flying mammals in the world, giving birth to one young at a time. Looks like a fox with a small nose and ears, big eyes, reddish-brown fur. The wings are thin black webbeds attached between the fingers, and sharp nails for clinging to trees.

This is my travel plan.
Day 1

When fully grown, it weighs about 800 grams. Flying foxes' diet includes leaves, pollen, and fruits such as bodhi leaves and tamarind leaf mangoes. Working at night, during the day, they live in large groups clinging to trees hanging their heads down.

It is about 1 hour 40 minutes from Bangkok.

Wat Nong Sida is located in Nong Sang District, Saraburi. It is home to many flying foxes. I visited Wat Nong Sida on August 13, 2022 after visiting Wang Kan Lueang Waterfall and Khao Wong  Phrachan Temple. I have taken photos of the Flying Herd. foxes and the wonders of this temple to see

Location :

This is the entrance to the temple gate.

Once you enter, you will immediately see it.

Its body is very large.

Every tree has a flying fox on it.

Most of them slept peacefully, but there were some who argued.

There are many flying foxes in this tree.

Other types of trees in the temple also have flying foxes.

Beside the temple is a fish feeding place and there are many fish there.

There are not many tourists today. I spent about 20 minutes here. It might not be a very popular attraction, but it's perfect for people who love bats.

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