Phu Khiao-Thung Kramang Wildlife Sanctuary Park Area Thailand

Thung Kramung, Phu Khiao Wildlife Sanctuary, Chaiyaphum Province, Thailand. Tourist attractions also have pure nature. Here you can experience the abundance of forests and various wildlife up close.
Suitable for relaxing and traveling to listen to the music of the forest and wildlife.

I traveled to Thung Kramang on November 28, 2021. Traveling here must be done by private car only because there is no public bus to reach Thung Kramang. You must contact the front of the Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary Office to enter the wildlife sanctuary. Once permitted to enter the wildlife sanctuary, you must drive approximately 20 kilometers to Thung Kramang.
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Along the way, deer and elephants come to feed, but they are not very common, so you need to be careful when driving. Arriving at Thung Khamang, you will be amazed by the beauty of nature, you should arrive early in the morning to meet the wildlife of Thailand that is out for a living. The sanctuary has a tourist lodge but will begin operating in December 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic has declined.

In order to see wildlife at Thung Khamang, you must first contact the wildlife sanctuary staff. The staff will take you on wildlife walks and prevent wildlife that can harm you. I took many pictures of the atmosphere of Phu Khieo wildlife sanctuary for you to see. Unfortunately, during my visit I didn't see many wildlife and when I found my camera, I couldn't zoom in to see them.

Phu Khiao-Thung Kramang Wildlife Sanctuary pics

The road leading to Thung Kramang in Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately 20 kilometers long..

The sun is rising.

Thung Kramang is a large plain area that is a food source for various wildlife.

Above is the staff's residence.

It's a very beautiful set to watch the sunrise.

This is a route to see wildlife in Thailand.

Some animal footprints

The trees are the highlight here.

The staff took us on a wildlife tour.

New wildlife viewing route.

You should wear slug-proof shoes.

Skywalk to see the view in Thung Kramang.

Footprints of wildlife under the bridge.

At this point I started walking at the end of the path.

This is the largest banyan tree in the area.

End of wildlife walking route.

 This is where the bones of illegally hunted elephants have been placed to remind visitors of wildlife conservation in Thailand.

The wildlife trail was actually longer, but I didn't have time to walk the end of the trail.
If you enjoy wildlife tours in Thailand, Thung Kramang is a great spot to visit.

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