Thailand Rafting at Pha Thevada Khon Khean

For those who love white water rafting or kayaking, we recommend "Pha Thevada", a white water rafting place in Khon Kaen. Pha Thevada is a whitewater rafting facility for beginners who have never experienced rafting before. There is one small stream where the water in this stream does not flow strongly, so it is safer than white water rafting in a large stream or river. I went whitewater rafting here on November 27, 2021, which was a new adventure travel for me.

For safety, life jackets and helmets will be provided to prevent drowning and head injury. Some sections of the stream were very narrow and my kayak was overturned but I was able to get on the kayak again. In addition, there will be staff rowing behind you for safety in case of unexpected events. This trip is fun but exciting for those who have never rafted before but those who have experienced white water rafting might feel naive. That makes it ideal for rafting for beginners.

Traveling and rafting at Pha Thevada, Khon Kaen Province.
It is about 6 hours from Bangkok, a distance of 469 kilometers. Alternatively, you can take a plane from Don Mueang Airport to Khon Kaen Airport, then rent a car and drive to Pha Thevada for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Gmap Location

I've taken some atmospheric photos and videos of this rafting tour so you might be interested in visiting the place.

You must contact for rafting at this building.

My wife is wearing a life jacket and a helmet.

Walk about 300 meters to the kayak launch point.

Letting the kayak down with a slider.

If you're nervous, you can take a kayak from the stream side.


This is the 1 rest point

Keep going.

Arrive at the end of the rafting.

There is a pick-up truck waiting for you.

This area is a temple and there is a beautiful cave to visit.

Go back.

This is the atmosphere around the way back.
Video of Thailand Rafting at Pha Thevada|

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