Visit Chao Lao Beach and stay at Im Suk Resort, 1,500 baht per night.

Chao Lao Beach is the most popular tourist attraction in Chanthaburi, Thailand. I recommend you to stay at Baan Imm Sook Resort, which is a hotel next to Chao Lao Beach and has its own private beach. I stayed 2 nights at Baan Imm Sook Resort for 1,500 baht per night.

Please check prices before Agoda or This is Gmap location.

Hotel atmosphere, photos from the official Pages.

Terms and conditions for room occupancy.

Room price 1,500 baht per night (it's a photo from the official page because I forgot to take it)

Baan Imm Sook Resort is a medium-sized resort with privacy. You can contact the hotel to arrange your events such as meetings, weddings, etc. I went here on June 17-19, 2022. Let's go see the atmosphere in the resort now.

This room can host evening parties. (You can hold the event until 4pm, June 17, 2022)

There is a medium-sized swimming pool, but I think going to Chaolao Beach would be more fun.

You can rest by the pool.

Walk across this bridge for about 50 meters to reach Chao Lao Beach.

This is the room zone next to Chao Lao Beach.

I arrived around 5:00 PM, where the light was so dim that the photos weren't great.

The beach here is quiet, the waves and the sea breeze are calm.

The beach is clean and the sand is beautiful with very little rubbish compared to Pattaya Beach.

The view of the beach is very beautiful.

Large shady trees provide you with shade throughout the day.

There are sea activities such as kayaking and surfboarding, contact the staff to play.

Some tourists like to organize beach parties.

There are many hotels next to Chao Lao Beach.

The beach has little rubbish.

This tree is the largest in Chao Lao Beach.

Let's have a look at breakfast.

The buffet breakfast was delicious and fresh. The staff here are very good and friendly. The beach is calm, clean and the weather is good.  Nearby there are other interesting attractions such as Kung Kraben Bay, etc. I shot a video of this place too, watch it on YouTube here.

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