PromThep Cape, an interesting viewpoint in Phuket

PromThep Cape is a spectacular sunset viewpoint in the south of Phuket Island. It is about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Phuket Airport (50 kilometers distance). I visited PromThep Cape on May 16, 2022.
After enjoying the spectacular view, go to Rawai Beach for a seafood dinner.

I arrived here at about 4 PM. The weather is very cool. Gmap Laem PromThep

When driving to the parking lot, you will need to walk up a slight steep slope for about 150 meters.

There are many spots to take pictures.

There are also binoculars for viewing the islands surrounding PromThep Cape.

This area is where many people take pictures.

There are large and small islands around PromThep Cape.

The calm sea view of Phuket Island.

Many tourists like to sit and admire the view around the rocky cliffs.

My group plans to walk to the end of PromThep Cape.

Today it's cloudy so I can't watch the sun set.

But the weather is not very hot

View of waves hitting rocks.

The island opposite PromThep Cape is Koh Kaew Yai.

Looking to see that there is a construction of Buddha images.

The walkway to the end of PromThep Cape is quite rugged and steep.

Of course, that doesn't let you swim.

Take photos while traveling
The island behind is Ko Man.

It takes about 40 minutes to walk.

There is also a mysterious beach at PromThep Cape. That mysterious beach is Nai Ya Beach.

I want to walk to the end where there is a tree.

Gorgeous and shady.

Looking at the sea makes me feel very relaxed.

This is a military map pin.

There is a Buddha statue.

It is very picturesque and peaceful, suitable for people who want peace and quiet.

When I zoomed in on the camera to take pictures at Laem Phromthep viewpoint.

I'll try walking to the black rocks.

It's a bit difficult to walk down here.

More and more tourists come to see the sunset around 6:00 PM.

This area is ideal as a photo spot for couples.

I would like to try some private cruises like this one.

Let's walk back to the viewpoint.

Tourists waiting to watch the sunset.

I spent about 2 hours touring at PromThep Cape, so I continued to eat seafood at Rawai Beach.

Watch the video of this place

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