Mangrove Thailand in Chanthaburi

Today we will take you to Mangrove Thailand in Chanthaburi Province.

Khung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Center Located in Tha Mai District Chanthaburi Province. It was established under the royal initiative of His Majesty the King to consider suitable areas for developing fisheries and agricultural career development projects in the coastal land area of ​​Chanthaburi. It has carried out work on conservation, coastal resource management, and career development of the people of the Khung Kraben Center.

It has been promoted as a tourist attraction for people who are interested to study the natural state.
This creates an understanding of the ecosystems in the mangrove forests and how to use those resources in the most beneficial way. The surrounding area of ​​the mangrove forest There is a nature study path at the Development Study Center. It has a distance of 1.6 kilometers and takes about 45 minutes to walk around for 1 hour. a slatted bridge stretches into the mangrove forest In which the nature trail has many types of plants.
Gmap :

Mangrove Thailand Abundant

Today we arrived around 9:00 AM. It was a day when there was not much sunlight and there were few tourists in the morning.

There is a tourist information sign.

There are tourist information boards showing information about the trees and fauna of the area.

Some people like to take pictures here.

tourist attraction sign

There are signs indicating walking directions to various tourist spots.

The walkway is made of solid wood.

The mangroves have many branching roots to hold onto the muddy soil.

Area where dugongs were found

Walkway to bird watching tower and kayaking

Cross the suspension bridge

Unfortunately, the bird watching twoer is not open today.

Exit way.


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