View Point Resort, Koh Tao, hotels with beach views, gardens and pool villas

A luxury resort on Koh Tao that sits at the edge of the hills and cliffs of Koh Tao. Makes it known for the atmosphere that is suitable for relaxation and the beauty of the rooms very much.

There are a variety of rooms to choose from, either single bedroom or pool villas, each with a different aesthetic.

It is also close to important places such as Khao John - Suwan Viewpoint. Only 880 meters away, Sai Nuan Beach only 1.3 km., Shark Bay only 1.8 km., Jansom Bay only 1.9 km., Ao Luek only 2.0 km., Sairee Beach distance. Only 3.4 kilometers, Tanote Bay only 3.6 kilometers, Island Muay Thai only 5.2 kilometers, Koh Nang Yuan, only 6.0 kilometers, Ao Muang, only 6.5 kilometers, etc.

Besides being known for the mesmerizing view of the seaside of Koh Tao, the luxurious rooms also provide a venue for hosting events and meetings. Which types of parties and meetings that View Point Resort Koh Tao has arranged for those who are interested in hosting events with this resort such as weddings, evening wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, celebrations, etc. To organize parties or meetings, the resort has a place to organize events within the resort, including


It is a large thatched roof hut style restaurant. Around the restaurant will be decorated with clear glass that can see through the outside of the shop to make the atmosphere look more shady and comfortable. Along with decorative lights on the ceiling that help make the atmosphere even better. Suitable for hosting parties of 80-150 people.

Beach Lawn

It is an open space next to the sea and beaches of Koh Tao. Suitable for weddings because it has a romantic atmosphere. Here, events with up to 20-50 people can be held. It can also be organized as a beach themed party.

Cliffside lawn Viewpoint

It is a special point of View Point Resort Koh Tao. As it is the grassy area against the cliffs of Koh Tao, when taking photos, you can get amazing shots against the background. This area can accommodate up to 20 guests. With limited space, this space is perfect for hosting small private parties.

In addition to View Point Resort Koh Tao has beautiful, luxurious scenery. Catering services are also available for banquets. Types of food provided by the resort include Thai buffet, Chinese table, international buffet, cocktails, BBQ buffet, etc. The ingredients used are always fresh and of good quality. Which is one of the things that make the food delicious and pleasing to the guests.

The rooms here are divided into  main parts: Garden View, Sea View, Beach View, Pool View (Twin rooms have a private pool).

 The price is not as expensive as you think and is definitely the best value. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Khao Tao was locked down. make nature more complete. Koh Tao is now able to travel.

Room types and prices

Deluxe Garden View Cottage
Deluxe Garden View Cottage - ฿1,813 per night.

Cottage with Garden View
Cottage with Garden View - ฿2,160 per night.

Tropical Sea View Room
Tropical Sea View Room - ฿2,568 per night.

Beach Front Cottage
Beach Front Cottage - ฿2,859 per night.

Deluxe Beach Front Cottage
Deluxe Beach Front Cottage - ฿3,151 per night.

Pool Villa 2
Pool Villa 2 - ฿5,864 per night.

Pool Villa 6
Pool Villa 6 - ฿6,999 per night.

One-Bedroom House
One-Bedroom House - ฿8,500 per night.

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