Krathing Waterfall, a tourist attraction in Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi is a province that still has very rich nature such as sea, mountains, forests or waterfalls that Chanthaburi has it all! Krathing Waterfall in Khao Khitchakut National Park is as beautiful as Namtok Phlio.

Krathing Waterfall is a large and very tall waterfall, the top of which is an open cliff where you can see the waterfall from the mountain in the distance. The upstream comes from the water source on Khao  hitchakut, with a total of 13 levels, which highlights the most beautiful point of Namtok Krathing at the 8th and 9th floors, but the national park is open for us to walk up to the 8th floor only. The distance of each floor is not very far apart, so you can walk comfortably.

Each level of the waterfall has different beauty. For the first level of the waterfall, located just 100 meters from the office, near the park's villas and tourists can swim at all levels. In the waterfall basin are rocks and sand, so the water is so clear that you can see the fish that are present in the waterfall.

The floor that people like to stop by for swimming the most is the 3rd floor because it is not far from the office, no need to climb, not very tired, the water is not strong and there is a pool for swimming, suitable for relaxing.

On the 3rd floor, there is also a wooden bridge for us to stop and take photos as well. When you continue walking up to the other waterfalls, you have to walk along the stream up the hill further. The path may be steep and a little slippery. You should walk with caution.

the park area Shady with large and small trees that fill the area, giving the park a cool climate.  For the period that is suitable for visiting Krating Waterfall, the most beautiful should come during the after rain, which is around mid-October to mid-February. You'll see the surrounding greenery with mosses, ferns, flowers and tiny mushrooms. The camping area is near the reservoir. During the cold weather, we may see fog in the morning and take very beautiful photos.

How to get to Krating Waterfall?
Krathing Waterfall is about 4 hours from Bangkok, 253 kilometers distance. You can rent a car from Bangkok and drive according to the map

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