Nam Nao Canyon is a natural attraction unseen Thailand.

Located in Nam Nao District, Phetchabun, the lower northern part of Thailand. It is a large semicircular steep cliff covered with green trees. Below is a ravine more than 300 meters deep. The rocks that make up the cliffs include limestone, sandstone, and shale. They are all sedimentary rocks and have been raised by tectonic changes.

For tourists who want to visit Nam Nao Canyon, there is a viewpoint area prepared. It is a point where one can easily see the beauty of a large rock cliff. Taking a photo at this point is a very beautiful and magnificent picture. At this point you can see the curvature of the cliff and the more beautiful it looks during the waterfall. Maybe you forgot that this place is in Thailand.

You can also walk down to see the waterfall below. It's a natural path that might be a bit difficult to walk, but I'm sure you must go.

The picture below is the atmosphere below the waterfall. There is a lot of abundance ever.

There are accommodations near Nam Nao Canyon that you can use for staying or camping here

Getting to Nam Nao Canyon
Nam Nao Canyon is about 7 hours from Bangkok. You may fly to Phitsanulok Airport and rent a car to drive to Nam Nao Canyon the fastest way. 


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