Grande Center Point Space Pattaya is newly opened, you must visit.

Grande Center Point Space Pattaya, a newly opened 5-star hotel in the heart of North Pattaya. It is a hotel that is very popular right now. All the decorations in the accommodation are based on a futuristic space theme and there are plenty of in-house activities that will make you want to leave the hotel.

There is also a large space water park with 4 zones, including the artificial sea, a fitness center with 360-degree views of Pattaya, and more.You can just spend the day in the hotel without getting bored of both adults and children.

How to Getting to Grande Center Point Space Pattaya?

Grande Center Point Space Pattaya Hotel is located in North Pattaya zone on North Pattaya Road. Close to Terminal 21, just 4 minutes (350 meters) only.

When entering the North Pattaya zone, the building can be clearly seen from far away, so it's not difficult to travel to this hotel.

Room types of Grande Center Point Space Pattaya

Space Deluxe, size 45 sq.m.


Space Premium, size 45 sq.m.

Space Connex, size 90 sq.m.

Space Suite, size 88 sq.m.

 Space Suites Connex, size 133 sq.m.

Grande Center Point Space Pattaya offers a total of over 490 rooms and suites. All rooms have sea views and private balconies, starting at ฿5,076 for the Space Deluxe, but this room is rarely available.

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You can use all zones for free if you are a hotel guest. Except for onsen, mini golf and doll tongs that must be exchanged for tokens to use the service.

Interesting zones are as follows:

Space Water Park Space Pattaya Water Park

Space Pattaya's space water park covers an area of ​​approximately 12,000 square meters divided into four themed zones. You can enjoy a variety of exciting activities such as the big waterslide, sailing down the river or relaxing on the sands of Pirate Beach.

Spectrum Tree

The water park is designed with an exciting space theme, the entrance to the water park is supervised by staff. In front you'll see the Spectrum Tree, an important landmark of the space water park. Guests can take photos during the day and watch the play of lights at night.

Mountain zone

Cave, waterfall located in the mountain zone, 330 meters high.   and a jungle jacuzzi that will bring you the peace of relaxation. You can take a rubber cruise along the scenic river or relax in the pool.

Flying rock zone

With 2 slides and an 8m high point, this slide will give you adrenaline-filled enjoyment. The end of the slider slides very fast. In this zone there is also a water spray loop. Splash tower for kids and much more In addition, this zone also has an outdoor playground with sand pits and many other toys.

Space pirate beach

This artificial beach is called Space Pirate Beach. The beach has white sand and sea waves. Make it look like you can actually swim in the sea.

Planet Zone

Swimming pool zone for adults and children with an amphitheater that can sit and enjoy. And there are mini space golf courses around the solar system as well.

Astro club

Those who are hot and want to escape the sun want to find fun games to play and relax with a variety of game machines such as chessboard and checkers. You can enter the Astro Club, a mothership parked in the middle of the water park.

As for the hot springs here, there are many types and types of baths. Whoever likes any type can choose to soak at all.

Gero Hot Springs Bath – 42 degrees

The highlight here is the mineral water from the Gero water source, Takayama prefecture. It is said to be one of Japan's top 3 mineral water sources, with its beauty qualities. The mineral springs have the property to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, numbness and stiffness, treat all fatigue.

White Ion Bath / Silk Bath – Temperature 40 degrees

A well filled with tiny, pure white bubbles of oxygen that is so packed that it looks white. These bubbles penetrate deep into the skin for purity, moisture and health.

Carbonate Soda Bath – Temperature 38 degrees

Delicate soda bubbles penetrate deeply to relax and balance and detoxify. Adjust and restore balance to the body and skin, as well as stimulate the production of hormones, helping the nervous system and mental state to relax.

.Whirlpool Bath – Temperature 38 degrees

With high technology, the whirlpool has jet heads that spray air bubbles to provide relaxing massage power in all parts of the body, whether standing or sitting perfectly. Air bubbles inside the whirlpool have properties that help relax muscles and treat sprains, body aches and fatigue. Relieve muscle pain, bone pain, numbness

Cold Bath – temperature 16 degrees

Helps to constrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow, including a slower heartbeat. It also has properties to help tighten the skin.

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