Beautiful emerald water, Cheow Lan Dam (Ratchaprapa Dam) Review

I traveled to Ratchaprapha Dam, also known as Cheow Lan Dam. Stay at River View Resort, a resort located within the dam area. I traveled here on May 13, 2022, traveling from Phuket airport by renting a car for about 800 baht per day to drive here.

From Phuket Airport, drive approximately 2 hours to River View Resort at Cheawlan. I have shared the Location in Google Map with this link

From Phuket Airport to Ratchaprapha Dam

I got a room for 1500 baht per night including breakfast. There is also a dinner restaurant where alcoholic beverages are available so you don't have to go out of the resort to buy. The resort is located next to a canal that flows from the Ratchaprapha Dam which is characterized by emerald green water.

Sometimes there is less water in the canals because the dam stops draining water.  The 3 pictures above are taken in the morning of May 14, 2022. 

Going on a boat trip in Ratchaprapha Dam (Cheow Lan Dam)

From River View Resort to Cheow Lan Dam Pier takes about 10 minutes, only 9 kilometers distance. I shared a map on Google Maps at this link :

From Review View Resort to Pier

You have to pay for parking.

There are many tour services.

There are restaurants, cafes and miscellaneous goods shops in the port area. If you don't have to take a cruise, you can just sit and enjoy the view and feel the atmosphere at the pier instead.

I chartered a boat for 2000 baht for 4 people. This price is for traveling in Ratchaprapha Dam 4 points.
And the picture below is the port area where we board the boat.

You will get on a long tail boat.

And have a boat driver for you

Contact number for this boat rental

The atmosphere in the dam is high limestone mountains.

The water in the dam is emerald green.

Able to stop the boat for beautiful photos.

Large steep cliff

My group went around 3:30 p.m., when the light was dim and the photos weren't so great. If you're not worried about hot weather, it's best to come early.

After taking a few photos in the dam, I arrived at my accommodation inside the dam. The property is owned by the Khao Sok National Park, which is managed by the government. 

It's a small, no-frills accommodation, if you want a better place to stay, other accommodations are recommended.

There are many fish in the accommodation area.

Then i go back.

There were people taking pictures around the dam ridge.

I arrived at the pier, the journey time is about 2.30 hours. In the morning of May 14, 2022, I came to see the morning atmosphere around the dam.

There is also a video clip of this place that can be viewed on YouTube by following this link

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