Mt.Cloud "Mountain Floating Cloud", a place to relax in the midst of nature

Accommodation in the midst of beautiful nature in Chiang Mai. It was only recently launched but it is known for its beautiful views. The view in front of the accommodation is a long green mountain and has good weather because it is in the midst of nature.

There is also a cool breeze throughout the day and the special thing is that in the morning you will experience the fog that floats in front of you. It is spectacular and the atmosphere is very good. The atmosphere is even better if you come to visit during the High Season, which is the rainy season and the cold season.

Mt.Cloud "Mountain Loi Mek" (Mountain Loi Mek) is located on a mountain in Mae Taeng District. Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. It is suggested that if traveling here, you may have to choose an SUV that is suitable for off-road journeys because the way up the mountain is quite steep.

Mt.Cloud, Loy Mek Mountain, there are 2 villas with a promotion.

– Villa for 2 people
Full package including room, Floating Breakfast, Appetizers ,Dinner , Activities price 4,900 baht

- New villa for 4 people
Full package including dorm room, Floating Breakfast, Appetizers, Dinner ,Activities price 9,800 baht.

Facilities and Activities

  • Pool table
  • Open air living room
  • Mountain view bathroom Indoor+Outdoor
  • Private kitchen
  • Free breakfast + afternoon break
  • Free grill
  • Panorama view private pool

How to get to Mt.Cloud, a floating mountain
The most convenient option is to take a plane to Chiang Mai Airport, then rent an SUV and drive to here for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Location :

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