Khao Yai Tiang Trail Running event on November 21, 2021

The Cuesta X Trail 2021 Ultra Trail Khao Yai Tiang event was held on November 20-221, 2021.
There are 4 distances to choose from: 5, 14, 28 and 55 kilometers. On November 20, 2021, it will be the day for the 5km race and the shirt and BIB delivery day for the 14, 28 and 55 km runners. It is the first trail running event after Thailand canceled the lockdown.

Runners must receive 2 doses of vaccination and must have an ATK test certificate 48 hours before the race. For runners who have not received complete vaccination 2 can contact the staff to ask for compromise. The atmosphere that you will see is a picture of the 14 km trail running. I've compiled a collection of photos of the atmosphere during the trail run for you to see.

The pre-run scene, most of the runners warming up and some taking pictures like me. The atmosphere around there is a reservoir and a view of windmills.

Start trail running Most of the runners are still walking to admire the spectacular view of the mountain scenery. Few runners focus on running time.

After running on the road for about 2 kilometers, it enters a trail running route.

The running route changes between the village and the trail running.

As for the trail running part, it's not very difficult. There are some sections to go up the hills, some to cross streams that give you the thrill of the beautiful nature.

The 1st checkpoint of the 14 km distance has food and snacks for you to increase your energy.

From the checkpoint, the road will be steeper, but it's not that difficult. That's in exchange for a more beautiful mountain view.

Then start entering the end of the trail running route. The steepest part of the route is running up the dam ridge.

When you complete a run, you will receive food and running medals. For distances of 28 and 55 kilometers, you will receive a finisher's shirt, but time must be in time for the cut-off.

See more pictures on this page.

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