Admire the small but beautiful stream at Wat Khao Banchob, Chanthaburi

Wat Khao Banchob is beautiful in both the art and architecture of the temple that looks similar to the northern temples. The high light of Wat Khao Banchob is actually on the bridge over the confluence stream which is beside the ubosot.

The water in the stream will be the most during June to November, but if coming from December to May, the water in the stream will be relatively less. For anyone who wants to stay at a homestay resort on the waterfront before reaching Wat Khao Converge, there are many accommodation options to choose from.

Inside Wat Khao Banchob

Inside Wat Khao Banchob

Beautiful stream under the bridge.

In addition, within the ubosot there is a beautiful architecture as well as the surrounding nature.
The day I traveled is November 14, 2021. The atmosphere in the temple was quite quiet because I arrived around 3 PM. There are not many tourists, it is a quiet place to visit. The picture below is a picture on 1 Nov 2021 that I traveled to.


The atmosphere in the temple is shady.

Bridge over stream

In November, the water in the stream is quite low.

The water in the stream was very clear and clean.

You can soak in the stream.

Streams are small

The stream is next to the ubosot.

 Wat Khao Banchob Video

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