Le Meridien Bangkok, spectacular views, great food, 115$ per night

The highlight here is The art. Le Méridien Bangkok is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of Bangkok. Exquisitely decorated in a contemporary art style with a mix of different styles of art. The perfect combination of French style decoration and traditional Thai art gives this place a unique charm.

In front of the hotel, there is a sculpture of a Thai dog with large dots by the artist Wasinburi Supanichvorapach. It's set up as a mascot in front of the hotel door. It's an art that makes it accessible to everyone because it makes you want to take a picture with this dog.

Lobby Zone

Walking in, you will see a large hall with high ceilings, airy, decorated in black, marble, glass and wood, a very distinctive style of decoration.

At the lobby, there are latitudes 13 bars, a lobby lounge and a bar to welcome customers. There are various drink menus and freshly brewed coffee that are pleasant to drink with various desserts. In this part of the cafe, you can order desserts, tea and coffee as snacks, which are homemade-style desserts that are made fresh every day.

The staff at the reception zone welcome all guests very well by smiling, greeting, asking questions and inviting conversations in a friendly manner. You can come to check-in immediately, a welcome drink will be served to you quickly.  After check-in, you will receive a key card and can go to the room.

Le Méridien Bangkok has a total of 282 rooms, divided into

  • Deluxe Urban, size 36 sqm.
  • Deluxe Vista size 36 sqm.
  • Deluxe Corner, size 37 sqm.
  • Club Room, size 36 sqm.
  • Club Circular, size 36 sqm.
  • Avantec Suite, size 78 sqm.
  • Avantgarde Suite size 165 sqm.

Well-being room package

Let everyone have a good rest during 3 days 2 nights. Indulge in a new room located on the 22nd floor with a special Well-being room package starting at only 19,700++ baht.

The package includes:

  •  2 nights accommodation in an Executive Round Room with Club benefits
  •  Daily breakfast
  •  1 Comfort Welcome set (infused drink with fruit and nuts or dried fruit)
  •  1 Comfort Turn Down set (flower tea and Thai desserts)
  •  Private onsen 60 minutes at Flow Onsen
  •  Thai massage or oil massage 60 minutes at Spa by Le Méridien

The room is decorated with white, black and brown tones. Giving a modern and minimalist look that looks elegant, stylish and warm with Warm Light and Mood & Tone. Just by opening the room, it already feels luxurious and extravagant. The bed is big and it's super soft and warm. It comes with 4 pillows that have arrived. The pillows are very soft.

The bathroom here is very good, clearly divided into wet zones and dry zones. There is a shower room and automatic toilet.

A wide make-up zone, ready to place cosmetics and a mirror that lights up to see the face clearly. Spacious bathtub makes soaking in the water more relaxing.

Complete with complete facilities. Whether it's a dryer, coded safe, iron and ironing board, hangers, plastic bags for clothes, slippers and bathrobes. The refrigerator zone is also great, with water, soft drinks, snacks, tea, coffee, hot water kettle, coffee maker. and lots of full glass


Rolling Ribs Brew Bar & BBQ

Along with the launch of the latest restaurant, "Rolling Ribs Brew Bar & BBQ", authentic American style barbecue restaurant, delicious and worth the price.

Decorated in a dark industrial style, black steel and raw red-orange bricks, beautiful, cool, good atmosphere. Suitable for a stylish dinner, if you are not staying, you can come to eat at the restaurant.

BBQ Beef and rip, very soft, delicious, smoky aroma, not sticky at all, goes very well with side dishes. Recommended that it's worth a try. Guarantee that you won't be disappointed. It is a very popular restaurant in the hotel. Seats are fully booked very quickly. By 6:00 AM, the restaurant is almost full.

Latest Recipe restaurant, international food, open from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

The Latest Recipe restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. The food buffet line here is very rich. There are a lot of food to choose from and they are beautifully arranged, very appetizing.

There is a Japanese food station and a signature egg station. and other sweet and savory dishes very full

Classic French Breakfast

For those who like French-Italian style food, it is recommended to move to the bread zone. There is a wide variety of bread to choose from, including croissants, French toast, baguettes, chocolat, and various bread recipes. There are also homemade-style jams to choose from in many flavors as well.

Japanese Station, Nihonto-style food

Asian food has a Japanese food zone to choose from. There is miso soup, oden, Japanese rice and hot steamed fish roe. The miso soup is very delicious and mellow.

Thai Foods

Thai food is not to be missed. There is a pot to warm the curry with rice and steamed rice to keep it hot all the time. The menu in the pot will change each day. The taste here is quite good, maybe not spicy.


There is a zone to press various flavors of water. Along with many desserts, the dessert zone can choose to eat as you like. There is also a signature passion fruit juice that is good to drink in the morning and wake up your eyes. I recommend you to try it.

More of Foods


The common area on the 6th floor, spa, swimming pool and fitness, Le Méridien Bangkok Hotel designed the activity area very well.

The spacious pool and bar area offers uninterrupted views of the city and skyscrapers. You can take the most beautiful photos. On the 6th floor, there is an aromatherapy oil massage spa that sends off the scent from afar. I recommend you to use the service. It is beautifully decorated, just looking at it makes me feel relaxed.

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