Top 9 night life in Bangkok that you must visit

Bangkok is a tourist city that never sleeps. You can travel all night. Immediately after 6:00 p.m., the lights will light up the city, bringing Bangkok to life again.

night life in bangkok

We recommend you to dabble in the night with Bangkok nightlife, night markets, and hangout spots. You may need more than a month to travel to all places.

1. The One Ratchada

Located behind the Esplanade Ratchada department store, this is a source of many products and food that night lovers must not miss.  In addition to a variety of shops to choose from for shopping, there are also various street food restaurants. Convenient transportation with MRT Thailand Cultural Center station and a few minutes walk.

There is not only food here, fashion clothes zone, they also have items for both men and women, hats, bags, and accessories. In addition, there are also beautifications with manicures and eyelash extensions.

Especially on Friday-Saturday nights, the zone around the market has chill-out shops, listening to live music for meeting with the gang of friends as well. The light and sound atmosphere is awesome.


2. Train Night Market (Srinakarin)

Another flea market and a very big hangout place in Bangkok. Filled with a touch of vintage style and simplicity. There are furniture, collectibles, classic home decorations, vintage cars, classic car parts, antique collectibles, vintage clothes, chic souvenirs, and delicious food.

There are many types of food, whether it's savory, sweet, heavy meals, appetizers or drinks. There are plenty of them. It can be said that it is truly a source of street food.

Including a chilling restaurant Cool hangout, chic atmosphere of the old warehouse, there is also a chic photo corner as well.


3. Ong-Ang Canal Walking Street

Another place to visit in Bangkok at night, chill, good atmosphere in the middle of the city. We recommend you to come to Khlong Ong Ang Walking Street. Come to walk, take beautiful photos and enjoy the beauty of this canal, experience the charm of Bangkok. It is also full of shops, restaurants and various performances.

The highlight is coming to kayaking and chilling here as well. along with beautiful lights in the evening. The weather is cool and cool. If you come to Bangkok, you should come.

Here it is suitable for walking and chilling by the water. You will feel like visiting Korea's  Cheonggyecheon Stream. Another place to visit in Bangkok You must not miss it.


4. Khaosan Road

At night, there are many places to eat and drink. It is a very colorful area of Bangkok.

Khao San Road is a small street but is famous all over the world. There are delicious street food on both sides of the road, including congee, smoothie shops, Pad Thai shops, fried oysters, and many more.

Anyone who is hungry or bored at home should come out and explore Khao San Road for a night and you will definitely be impressed.

Khao San Road is the most popular Songkran festival spot in Thailand.

The most striking feature of Khao San Road that attracts tourists from all over the world is the abundance of affordable hotels. The friendly bar is always welcoming and the many shops are popular with foreigners.

Although Khao San Road is not close to the BTS. But it has a location close to the Chao Phraya River, you walk through Rambuttri Road to Phra Athit Pier next to Santi Chai Prakan Park, then take a boat to Sathorn Pier to take the BTS.


5. Yaowarat Road

Chinatown in Thailand is definitely Yaowarat Road. Even though during the day here it looks full of delicious restaurants, various shops to enjoy each other, but that's not even half of Yaowarat Road at night!

Street food, seafood, good stuff, delicious food will start coming to the booth from 5-6 pm. No matter how long the queue is, you must wait for this event. Eaters must not miss this event.


Today, Yaowarat Road is widely known as Thailand's largest gold trading center and destination for foodies. Outstanding Chinese food, seafood, as well as desserts and beverages.


6. Haumum Market & More 

Haumum Market & More is a night market in Kaset-Nawamin area. that has been in service for a long time. It has been improved, developed, modified to be unique and unique. It is an open-air market with a chic style where you will find chic shops, delicious restaurants and a place to relax.

Mee Hoi Station

 Haumum Market & More is also a hangout place with many famous delicious restaurants, such as "Mee Hoi Station", delicious papaya salad restaurant, Korean style restaurants, Orudo Ramen, etc.

Haumum Market & More also has a container-style store with a variety of fashion clothing stores. beautiful patterned t-shirts Stylish female-male clothes, handmade products, IT products, barber shops, many service shops


7. The Street Ratchada 

The Street Ratchada is a street mall in the heart of Ratchada Road that comes with the concept of “let  life not stick to time”. It is very popular with Bangkok people by being open 24 hours a day.

Of course, inside there will be restaurants, cafes that are open 24 hours a day, as well as a small co-working space for people to sit and work.

Some teenagers come here to study for exams or review lessons, and those who don't know where to go after midnight can come and chill here. In addition, on certain days there are special events such as chess competitions, singing contests or performances by famous artists.

8. JODD Fairs night market

JODD Fairs is a night market that gathers food, clothes, and appliances behind Central Rama 9.  etting here is easy and convenient, right at Mrt Rama 9. You can walk through Central to the market.

JODD FAIRS Rama 9 is a place to hang out at nightlife in Bangkok that is perfect for a walk and chill out. Here we have gathered a variety of products as we want, including restaurants, drinks, minimal cafes, famous street food in Bangkok.

There are many products for sale, including cute tree shops, handicrafts, cool handmade items, and a variety of items including clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, home decor items, vintage items, all complete. There are also beautiful photo spots with beautiful lights during the night as a place to visit in Bangkok that should not be missed.

9. Asiatique The Riverfront
Asiatique The Riverfront is a tourist attraction and nightlife shopping destination along the Chao Phraya River. Suitable for the night walk of those who visit Bangkok because there are shopping, sightseeing, tasting and chilling or taking beautiful photos and many shops.

In addition to having a beautiful photo spot. And here there are also many places to eat and drink, good atmosphere, anyone who wants to find a place to sit and chill, eat delicious food, enjoy the breeze along the Chao Phraya River, this is the perfect answer.

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