Must Try Once Rayavadee Resort Super Luxury Hotel @Krabi

Rayavadee is Krabi's premier 5-star luxury resort offering 94 spacious and comfortable two-storey pavilions and 7 private villas. Located in the midst of lush greenery and shady coconut plantations in an area of more than 60 rai, surrounded by 3 beautiful beaches.

How beautiful Rayavadee you see from the photos is not as good as seeing it through your eyes. The villa is nestled close to nature, surrounded by 3 beaches: Phra Nang Beach, Railay Beach and Nam Mao Beach. 

There is a limestone mountain in the middle of the emerald green sea, a beautiful view to be astounded, and in addition, a cave with stalactites and stalagmites for you to see as well. The wide beach front with fine sand is perfect for sunbathing and the natural beaches here are extremely plentiful. This natural beauty makes Rayavadee Krabi a very special vacation hotel.

Rayavadee Resort Krabi offers an airport shuttle service.

From the airport to Rayavadee Pier takes about 40 minutes and from there you have to take the resort's boat to the resort which takes another 20 minutes.

The journey is very comfortable because the hotel staff are always there to help you carry your luggage and provide tourist information. You will definitely not be tired from the journey.

At Rayavadee Resort you can relax in the midst of pure nature, quiet and private. Each villa is built independently surrounded by lush natural vegetation. There is a high mountain in the background, sometimes we will see a group of monkeys or lemurs clinging to a large tree branch.

For lemurs are cute, you don't have to be very careful, they just stay with the herd, they don't bother people. The monkeys are both cute and naughty. If you leave something left behind, it may be snatched by monkeys. Therefore, you must close the villa door before leaving the hotel.

Rayavadee hotel rooms

There are 9 types of rooms here, totaling more than 101 rooms and 3 rooms are large villas. Total more than 104 rooms, divided into Deluxe Pavilion, Terrace Pavilion, Pool Pavilion, Family Paviliion, Family Pool Pavilion, Family Villa, Raitalay Villa, Rayavadee Villa and Phranang Villa.

Each room has a different size and is in different zones. Rayavadee Resort is next to Phra Nang Beach, to the right next to Railay Beach and in front of the entrance is next to Nam Mao Beach. The corridor to the room is surrounded by large and small trees along the way until reaching the room area.

Most of the rooms here are 2-storey, with the living room downstairs and the bedroom upstairs. The Deluxe Pavilion, Terrace Pavilion and Family Pavilion are 3 rooms without private pools, but all other rooms have their own private pools. 

The most special, there are only 3 rooms that are large villas, which are Phranang Villa, Rayavadee Villa and Raitalay Villa.

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What is Rayavadee food like?

The Grotto,

The Grotto, Rayavadee's Iconic Restaurant, where you can dine amongst stalactites and stalagmites in a cave while overlooking the sea and limestone mountains. Rayavadee's signature. The Grotto serves Italian and seafood fusion dishes for lunch and The Grotto Twilight Dinner, which can be reserved and selected in advance.

When the sun is about to set, you can sit and sip drinks and look at the view and have a meal for a special meal to celebrate a special occasion. You have to reserve a seat in advance because it's very popular.

Raya Dining

Raya Dining is a restaurant for breakfast. Breakfast has a variety of options, international buffet, but at the same time there is also a la carte served. Good food quality, fresh, delicious taste, a la carte has a lot to choose from, you can order anytime. Most importantly, there are healthy menus to choose from with the kitchen paying attention to quality, taste and service.

Krua Phra Nang

But if anyone who likes Thai food recommends Krua Phra Nang, authentic Thai food, intense flavors in traditional Thai style. There are many menus to eat under a Thai atmosphere. You can also see the sea, but if you go at sunset, you can only hear the sound of the waves.

Hotel's Activities

The main swimming pool, the infinity pool, the pool is very large, there is a shallow zone for children, the view is very beautiful, if you don't swim, you can come to lie down and enjoy the view around the pool.

In addition to water activities such as swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, there are also rock climbing activities that can be contacted at the front if you want adventure activities. There is a bat cave in that area, from Rayavadee, you can walk to see it.

More Activities

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