X3 TARA Resort, a romantic resort in northern Thailand

Are you looking for a holiday resort in northern Thailand?

At the end of the year or during the cold weather, a popular tourist destination in Thailand is the northern region because of the good atmosphere and fresh air suitable for relaxation and tourism.

X3 TARA Resort is one of the most popular accommodations where you can experience sleeping under the stars at night or listening to the sound of the stream and waking up early to see the sea of ​​mist that comes to the bedroom door. You will relax in the utmost privacy that you will never forget this resort.

X3 TARA Resort is another newly opened accommodation that everyone wants to experience. Being in the middle of a mountain and having a stream flowing here gives a refreshing feel and relaxes the mind.

The rooms are still designed to be unique, pleasant to relax, sleep comfortably, suitable for reclining and resting.

How to get to X3 TARA Resort?

The quickest way is you should take a plane from Bangkok to Nan airport from there rent a car and drive to X3 TARA Resort. It is difficult to find public buses to get here.

Every room at X3 TARA Resort has a private waterfront garden area with a Jacuzzi tub. There is a welcome drink served from the start of check-in. In the room there is a mini-bar, drinking water, soft drinks and bakery and dinner is pork soup or grilled in nature.

Breakfast is Japanese style with rice porridge and staff are available 24 hours a day. You can scan the QR code on the keys to contact the staff. All of these are included in the price of the room.

There are 7 villas in total, divided into 5 types. Each house is named after a tree.

Villa Supachok : A compact square-shaped villa located on a hill. Views of green mountains and streams can be seen while you soak in the tub to enjoy the view.

Ban Chum Saeng : A large house with a stream flowing through the front of the house, there are two bedrooms, one bathroom and one living room. In addition, there is also a soaking tub, listening to the sound of water flowing clearly.

Ban Chik Nam : A two-storey A-frame house with a spacious area below that can host a party. The attic room is also a bedroom overlooking the beautiful view through the glass and can also soak in an outdoor tub

 Ban Poonsap : A-frame twin house with two houses next to each other. The first is a bedroom and the other is a living room.

Ban Peep, Mayom and Prayong: These three houses are single-storey houses in the shape of an A-frame. There is a sink in front of the room and a seat designed like a chic bird's nest for you to sit and eat by the water.

Prices in November 2022 start at 4,500 baht.

This resort is not yet available for booking through Agoda and Booking.com. But you can contact to reserve at the Facebook page.

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