Skywalk Ayerweng, You can see the sea of ​​mist in southern Thailand

Skywalk Ayerweng, a new landmark in Betong District, Yala

The building has a 3-storey viewing area and has a corridor protruding from the base of the building, at the end of the balcony is a glass floor that can be seen below. That excites tourists.

The fog is intense in the morning from early morning until late morning.  can see hala forest Bala and see as far as Malaysia.

Skywalk Ayerweng is considered to be the most popular viewpoint of the sea of ​​mist in Yala. The important thing is that there is a sea of ​​mist to see all year round. It is a large and very beautiful sea of ​​mist. You can clearly see the beauty of the microwave peak.This viewpoint is like heaven on earth because in addition to seeing the beautiful misty view, you can also experience the fresh air as well.

Skywalk Ayerweng was built to allow tourists to see the scenery in 360 degrees. The floor of the corridor is a clear glass floor, 61 meters long, which is considered as the longest skywalk in ASEAN as well.

I recommend to come and see the sea of ​​mist here and you will find the most beautiful is during March to April because there are both sea mist to see with beautiful sunlight. This makes for the most beautiful picture of the sea of ​​mist and the scenery back for sure.

How to travel the Skywalk Ayerweng

You should rent a car to drive to Skywalk Ayerweng, all vehicles must be parked in the parking lot. Driving up to the Skywalk area is not allowed due to limited space. Then use a motorbike taxi or a pickup truck to the Sky Walk, priced at 30 baht per person.

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