ROIET TOWER, Viewpoints and Skywalks in Northeastern Thailand

Roi Et Tower is a city observatory. Construction started on 29 September 2017 and completed on 16 March 2022. It is a tower with a height of 101 meters (101 in Thai means "Roi Et"). Make this city view tower a landmark of Phuket. The top floor has a viewpoint that offers a 360 degree view of Roi Et city and a skywalk including a ZipLine (under construction) that attracts tourists to Roi Et.

Roi Et Tower is adjacent to Bueng Plan Chai which is the largest public park in Roi Et. Once you've finished sightseeing in Roi Et, it might be nice to take a stroll in the park as well. In the park there is a large pond with a lot of fish and you can feed the fish. There are also many restaurants around the park for you to try.

Roi Et Tower is about 7 hours from Bangkok (494 kilometers away). In Roi Et province, there is also Phra Maha Chedi Chaimongkol, another important tourist attraction that is interesting as well. Roi Et has an airport which can save you time traveling from Bangkok.

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I will take you to see the atmosphere in Roi Et Tower, a tourist attraction that you should not miss when you come to Roi Et Province.

You can see Roi Et Tower from a distance.

There are many parking lots around Roi Et Tower.

This is a sign indicating that this is Roi Et Tower.

The main entrance is on the second floor of the building.

This is the main entrance.

Buy a ticket to go up to the top floor viewpoint at the price of 50 baht per adult.

There is a souvenir shop where you can buy souvenirs while waiting for the elevator.

The observation deck on the top floor has a cafe for you to try.

There is a multimedia showcasing the culture of the local villagers.

I'm taking the elevator.

There are binoculars for you to try out the view.
This is Bueng Plan Chai, the largest public park in Roi Et.

The observation deck has multiple levels for many tourists.

This area has a cooling fan reduction because there is no glass.

This is the Skywalk Observation Deck which is quite exciting.

As for the Zipline, the staff said it was under construction.

Zipline to the end to this building. It's definitely going to be very exciting.

Besides the cafe, there is also a little pizza.

There are many beautiful photo spots, unfortunately I took very bad pictures.

The ticket up to the Roi Et Tower is beautifully designed.

Handcraft knitting wires into various characters.

When I left Roi Et Tower, I continued to take a stroll in the park.

You can rent a pedal boat to enjoy the view around the pond.

I feed the fishes.

This is bread.

Besides the fish that eat bread, there are also flocks of pigeons to eat.

More in Youtube video.

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