Onsen At Moncham, a luxury 5-star hotel with an amazing atmosphere.

Onsen At Moncham, accommodation in the verdant mountains of Moncham that will give guests an experience of being at one with nature. All guests will be able to experience the Japanese onsen culture and the culture of northern Thai people blending together perfectly. Onsen At Moncham has a total of 16 rooms located at a height of 1,200 meters above sea level.

Inspired by the Japanese way of onsen, it is equipped with a restaurant, spa room, fitness room and a 3-hole golf course to ensure the comfort of its special guests.

This is a 5-star accommodation. There are 7 types of rooms to choose from, ranging from 45 sq m  rooms that can accommodate up to 4 guests to a 300 sq m private room for 11 guests.  Enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenery of Mon Chaem. There are rooms with private onsen too.
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Grand Mountain View, a 45 square meter room overlooking the mountains and Japanese garden for 4 persons.

Grand Terrace Suite Room size 55 square meters, overlooking the mountains and Japanese garden like Grand Mountain View rooms, but with an outside terrace and a swing to sit and view the mountains.

Majestic Family Suite Room size 65 square meters, suitable for families or groups of friends. Inspired by the design of the train bogie

Imperial Onsen Suite, a private room of 70 square meters, can accommodate 2-3 people and has a private onsen-style bath and double sink with many amenities.

Grand Imperial Onsen Suite, a 75 square meter private room modeled after the Imperial Onsen Suite, but with a spacious outdoor balcony and great views.

One Bedroom Emperor Suite - A private room measuring 140 square meters, ideal for guests who like luxury and privacy. There is a guest room designed to resemble the palaces of Europe and Japan.

One Bedroom Royal Residence - A 300 square meter private room with a large living room and dining table for 8 people.

The heart of this homestay, of course, is an onsen that offers a relaxing experience unlike any other. Inspired by hot springs in Japan The hot springs here are set up separately for women and men. And it is available both outdoor and indoor.

It uses natural mineral water from Mon Jam that is more than 100 meters deep. It contains a mixture of copper, magnesium, zinc, calcium and ions sulfate. With this natural mineral, it cleans the skin and calms the mind. Individuals who are not hotel guests can use the onsen for 500 baht per visit for the whole day.

The restaurant is equally magnificent, divided into 3 rooms:

Mee Zu Nam

The restaurant is elegantly decorated and open-air and is a perfect blend of Thai and Japanese as well as European food. Service time 7.00 – 22.00


Izakaya, which is a hangout in an open air atmosphere, is full of the uniqueness of eating and drinking in typical Japanese style. Service time 12.00 – 21.00


Stand out with a selection of sake and beverages straight from the land of the rising sun, while enjoying the scenery in the midst of the green valleys of Doi Mon Chaem. Service time 12.00 – 21.00

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