Nop Phiboon Waterfall in Kanchanaburi was recently discovered.

Nop Phiboon (Nopphibun) Waterfall is located in Nong Lu Subdistrict, Sangkhlaburi District, Kanchanaburi. It was discovered by Lt. Col. Suradet Nopphiboon around February 2016.

The commander has ordered the lieutenant colonel Suradet came to set up a checkpoint on the edge of Rural Road 2078 near this stream area. When it came to the rainy season, the amount of water increased, causing the Pol.Lt. Suradet could clearly hear the sound of the strong flowing water. 

So he surveyed the stream area with the villagers to clear the weeds that covered it until he discovered Nop Phiboon Waterfall hidden in the forest in this area. Noppiboon was named after the surname of Lt. Col. Suradet Nopphiboon.

It is a medium-sized waterfall, not as big as other waterfalls in Kanchanaburi, but it's very beautiful and has 4 floors. The area of ​​the 1st and 2nd floors is very beautiful and is considered the highlight of Nop Phiboon Waterfall because you will see the water flowing down the rock layers, it is very beautiful.

Nop Phiboon Waterfall has a beautiful appearance and is characterized by small gradual limestone tiers with streams cascading down into shallow basins and flowing down into a cliff with a height of about 25 meters. Although it is high, it is safe and tourists can swim. You will hear the sound of the waterfall reverberating throughout the area.

Sign showing the entrance to the waterfall Cr:

Nop Phiboon Waterfall area does not have any facilities. Only police checkpoints, no shops, restaurants or parking lots. Cars have to park on the side of the road and walk only 50 meters to reach the first floor waterfall. The walk from the upper to the lower falls is an earthen path through mixed deciduous and bamboo forests.

Some sections have wooden stairs that villagers have built to facilitate tourists. The ground along the walkway can be slippery and steep at times. If it rains, walk with caution and wear suitable shoes.

How to get to Nop Phiboon Waterfall?

The road to the entrance to the waterfall

Nopphiboon Waterfall is approximately 6 hours from Bangkok, approximately 380 kilometers distance. Renting a car to drive to Nopphiboon Waterfall is the most convenient way as public transport is only available in the city. This waterfall has no parking lot as it has just been discovered and has not been developed. You can park the car next to the person and walk to the waterfall about 50 meters.

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