Huay To Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Krabi

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park is one of the popular attractions in Krabi.

For those who travel to the sea until they are full and want to come to travel in a natural way, I recommend you to come here. In Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, there is Huai To Waterfall, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Krabi.

Huai To Waterfall is located in Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi Province.  It is the most beautiful waterfall in the national park and not far from Krabi town. The origin of the water source is from the Phanom Bencha Mountains.

There are 5 floors, which are Wang Sam Hab, Wang Chong Loi, Wang Doi Prong, Wang Thevada, and Wang Ton Prai.

Huai To Waterfall has water flowing all year round and it flows quite strongly in the rainy season especially around the cliff.

Visitors can see the waterfall view from the waterfall basin on the first floor, can see the stream flowing down the cliff in succession layers. Below is a wide basin where you can swim. Those who are more adventurous can also go up to other levels of waterfalls, but most of them only go up to the 3rd level.

The journey is quite convenient as the car can reach the waterfall and walk only 500 meters from the parking lot. 

In addition to Huai To Waterfall, there are many beautiful small waterfalls in the park, such as Huai Sade Waterfall, Huai Niang Waterfall, Bang Saran Waterfall, Khao Phueng Cave Viewpoint, Fountain Pond and various nature trails.

In the park, there are resorts, camping grounds, restaurants and restrooms for tourists as well. There are complete facilities.

Getting to Huai To Waterfall
Huai To Waterfall is about 50 minutes from Ao Nang (40 kilometers distance).  You may also rent a motorbike to drive to the falls. Gmap :

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