Casablanca Resort Koh Lan Beautiful and unique

Accommodation on Koh Larn in Moroccan style, the only one. Beautiful design, chic feel like you are not in Thailand. There is a very beautiful photo corner here which is different from other resorts on Koh Larn.

You have to pin it as another place to go!

There are only 4 rooms in total, the front has a sea view, has a beautiful sea and is quite private. In addition, there is a private swimming pool that is not very large to soak in and see the sea view.

 The room has full facilities, including bathtub, air conditioner, large bed. Outside there is a garden decorated similar to those of Africa or the Middle East.

MorningFloating Breakfast for you to eat delicious food with a view in the morning.

Can set fire in front of the room for a party If you're coming in a large group, it's recommended to accommodate all 4 rooms and join in the fun.

Room rates.

  • Monday - Thursday 5,500 baht per night
  • Friday, Sunday 5,900 baht per night
  • Saturday and public holidays 6,200 baht per night

Price includes breakfast (Floating Breakfast). Book through the Casablanca Resort, Koh Lan Page.
I recommend you to hurry in advance as there are only 4 houses.

Although there is a romantic atmosphere, but there are disadvantages that do not have a beautiful beach should consider before booking.

How to get to Casablanca Resort Koh Lan

From Bangkok to Bali Hai Pier about 2 hours. There are several public vans and buses to the pier. From there, you can choose to take a ferry, which is issued in rounds, costing 30 baht per person, takes about 30 minutes, or takes a speedboat if full of people leaves at 150 baht per person, taking about 15 minutes. Get off at the Na Baan Pier, Koh Lan, then a resort car will pick you up.

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