Buddha statue of Brahmin gods

This Buddhist place is located in Namon District, Kalasin Province. It is about 8 hours from Bangkok (546 kilometers). This attraction is a personal site dedicated to the Brahmin gods who are revered by the landowners. There are many statues of Brahmin gods for the general public to worship.

Google Map : https://goo.gl/maps/2rXDP6gfKs5qzH13A

The reason why there are so many statues of Brahmins is because the builders believed it would bring good luck in finance. Earn more and have a particular financial fortune, you might win the lottery.
(Thai people like to play a lot of lotteries and believe in praying for sacred things to win lottery prizes)

As soon as I walked in, there were many statues at the reception, some of which I didn't even know who the gods were.

This was a giant statue with a formidable face.

Here are 2 hermit statues.

This is a statue of Rama from Ramayana literature.

Each brahmin statue is unique and has a beautiful design.

Walk in about 300 meters and you will come across a statue of King of Najas.

In the ceremony to pray for good luck, they usually walk around 3 times before placing incense sticks and offering candles.

Inside, there are also many Thai style statues.

A large statue of the head of the Naga.

The surrounding area is also decorated as a waterfall to add shade.

The statues are beautifully painted and mesmerized.

There are many statues of Nagas with many heads.

Buddha statue replica.

Inside there is a simulated cave decorated with stalagmites and stalactites to look natural.

There is a stream that makes the interior feel cool and shady.

Besides the Brahma god statues, there are also cute cartoon statues for children to take pictures with.

Have fun traveling.

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