Krung Ching Waterfall, a large waterfall in southern Thailand

Krung Ching Waterfall is another beautiful and famous waterfall of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The waterfall is located in the ground of Khao Luang National Park. It is a beautiful tourist destination that people visit all year round.

The waterfall has a size of 7 levels, descending from each other in gradual heights.In the forest, this area is also a walking path to study the nature of the forest that is fertile with various plants such as maha sadam fern, punch palm, pit palm tree, Ching palm, and weeping elephant palm. and many others that can only be seen here.

To visit Krung Ching Waterfall, you must walk from the park office into the forest along the prepared path. There are signs showing time and interesting things along the way. The road is steep and slightly rough but not difficult. It is recommended that you bring drinking water The distance is 3.5 km. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Krung Ching Waterfall.

Krung Ching Waterfall has 7 levels in total, in order of the closest.

The first floor is the 7th floor Wang Rue Bin.

The water feature is a light green pool in the middle with sand dunes for tourists to rest while swimming. There is a rock blocking the river as a stone dam, people can walk across to the opposite side. There are also schools of fish swimming in the water to watch as well.

6th floor, Ton Tor

It is a waterfall that flows along a steep cliff about 20 meters high into a large basin, wide and very deep, on both sides of the path there are densely grown trees.

5th floor Nan Joan

From the 6th floor, walk down the hill for another 700 meters, the path is very steep and has cliffs. This level is a waterfall about 20 meters high with a wide stream. Flowing down both sides of the road causing steam to hit the rock looks very beautiful

4th floor, Nan Chon

Walk down the hill where the path is narrow and steep. The water merged in a spiral, plunged into an arc and formed a very deep basin. There is a large rock in the cliff when the water flows along the cliff, the stream hits the rock, creating a beautiful steam.

3rd floor Nan Pleaw

It is a waterfall about 40 meters high, similar to Nan Joan and Nan Chon.

2nd floor, Nan Fon Saen Ha

It is the most beautiful level of Krung Ching Waterfall. From Nan Pleu, you have to climb down a very steep cliff, so you have to be more careful as you climb it. It looks like a bay and has a high cliff with two streams of water flowing down to hit the cliff 100 meters high.

The stream hits the rock below, the water spreads like raindrops. The color of the water in the basin was a deep green with many small and large stones, each black and moss clinging to the rock walls. This waterfall is quite popular because people think it's more beautiful than the others.

1st floor, Nan Mud Phae

When walking down the hill, you will find Nan Mud Phae. The waterfall is a stream of two streams cascading down the rocks into a single stream. Flowing into the broken rock, sloped into three steps, about 10 meters each step, into a deep and wide bay. Yo can swim here.

In the Krung Ching Waterfall National Park, there are also guest houses for tourists. There is also a restaurant for tourists.

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How to Getting to Krung Ching Waterfall

Krung Ching Waterfall is approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes from Bangkok, with a distance of 755 kilometers. If you are in Bangkok, it is recommended to take a plane to Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport and rent a car for about 1 hour (distance 63 kilometers).

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