Ang Beng Waterfall, a tourist attraction in Chanthaburi, Eastern Thailand

Chanthaburi famous waterfall, many people may think of Namtok Phlio as the first place. 

In fact, there are many other beautiful waterfalls to visit as well, namely Ang Beng Waterfall. It is a waterfall that is not very famous because it is not yet a full tourist attraction. But let me tell you that you must definitely like the nature conservation traveler and it is also as beautiful as other waterfalls.

Ang Beng Waterfall is located in Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, Makham District, Chanthaburi Province. Its source originates from Khao Soi Dao, flows through forests and streams until it forms a medium-sized waterfall with three levels. Many people may not be familiar with Ang Beng Waterfall as it is not fully developed as a tourist attraction. (That means there aren't many restaurants or amenities.)
But it is open as an eco-tourism for people who love to walk and love nature to come and see the beauty of the waterfall as well.

Ang Beng Waterfall has a total of 3 levels, each level has different features.

The first level is called Ang Tawan Waterfall or Ang Lung Wan, with only 3-4 meters of rock cliffs, shady atmosphere, suitable for swimming and picnicking by the water. 

The second is the basin waterfall in the middle of the basin, quite deep and the cliff is quite high, may not be suitable for swimming.

The third level is Ang Beng Waterfall, which is the most beautiful level with a wide pool for swimming.
Especially if you come in winter, there will be butterflies flying around the waterfall, making it colorful and beautiful.

Getting to Ang Beng Waterfall

Ao Beng Waterfall is approximately 4 hours from Bangkok, 288 kilometers distance. You may rent a car and drive yourself as the most convenient way and get to see other places as well. Alternatively, you can charter a van if you're in a group of up to 10 people, it's the best value option.

There are no shops, restaurants or accommodation around Ang Beng Waterfall, but there are toilets and parking facilities. Therefore, it is suitable for a day trip - more than an overnight trip.

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