Wang Sai Thong Waterfall, a spectacular limestone waterfall in Thailand

Satun Province, Thailand is famous for many beautiful marine attractions. But in this article, we would like to introduce to Wang Sai Thong Waterfall, the top beautiful waterfall in the south. It is a waterfall in the middle of the fertile forest that has an atmosphere suitable for soaking in the water to relax the body.

Here, the water is clear and cool for you to play all year round. Anyone who loves to travel to waterfalls in Thailand, this waterfall is another interesting waterfall that you should list.

Wang Sai Thong Waterfall is located in Khao Banthat Wildlife Sanctuary in Manang District, Satun Province. It is a large limestone waterfall with 6 floors, about 50 meters wide, and the average height of floors 1-5 is about 50-100 centimeters. The 6th floor is the tallest at about 8 meters. Its source comes from a cave under the mountain that flows into Khlong Wang Noi before flowing through the limestone mountains and bringing calcium carbonate solution and suspended sediment with it. As a result, each tier of the waterfall resembles stalagmites and stalactites descending.

In addition, Wang Sai Thong Waterfall has another distinctive feature is that the ground of the waterfall is sandy stone, so there is no moss on it. You can easily walk on the waterfall floor without slipping. You will often see children climbing up and playing in the pools of the waterfall having fun as the water is quite clear and each level is not too high.

Nigrito or Rambutan people (เงาะป่า)

Another attraction of Wang Sai Thong Waterfall is that the surrounding area is inhabited by the Nigrito or Rambutan people. They are indigenous people who live in the forest but are not often seen because they mostly love solitude and live a traditional life in the forest. Once in a while, they'll show up.

How to get to Wang Sai Thong Waterfall

Wang Sai Thong Waterfall is approximately 13 hours from Bangkok, a distance of 955 kilometers. Traveling to the waterfall should take a plane to Trang Airport because Satun does not have an airport. Then rent a car and drive to Wang Thong Waterfall is the most convenient way.
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