The 7-tiered Chat Trakan Waterfall is beautiful and mesmerizing.

Chat Trakan Waterfall National Park It is the location of Chat Trakan Waterfall or Pak Rong Waterfall.
The area covers Chat Trakan District to Nakhon Thai District, Phitsanulok Province.

There are fertile forest conditions such as deciduous dipterocarp forests and hill evergreen forests.

This forest has a variety of plants such as "Teng", "Rang", "Pradu", "Krabak", "Makamong", etc. It is also a beautiful natural resource such as Chat Trakan Waterfall, Na Chan Waterfall, Khao Chang Luang Viewpoint, Pha Kradan Lek and Pha Daeng as well.

The attractiveness of Namtok Chat Trakan National Park is that traces of prehistoric human art are carved on steep cliffs and land. It is evidence that this area may have been the earliest human settlement in the past.

Chat Trakan Waterfall It is a large waterfall with a total of 7 tiers, each level having a different beauty of nature. Some tiers of waterfalls have water flowing down from a low cliff only one step, some tiers have water cascading down a stairway, very beautiful. Moreover, each level of the waterfall has a different name.

1st floor waterfall

The first level waterfall, named Maliwan, is a waterfall that flows down from a cliff about 30 meters high into a large pool with small beaches surrounding.

2nd level waterfall

The second level waterfall is Kannikar. It is a very dangerous waterfall that flows down from a high cliff and is therefore not suitable for swimming.

3rd level waterfall

3rd floor, Karaket, about 10 meters high, not suitable for swimming as well, but you can sit and relax here.

The fourth level

The fourth level is similar to the first level waterfall, with water flowing from a high cliff into a basin surrounded by the sandy beach below. The 4th level waterfall is the most popular.

The 5th level waterfall

The 5th level waterfall, Ket Muang, is a wide stone courtyard and a small cascade of waterfalls. flow
down to the bottom Can't swim because the water flow is quite strong.

The 6th level Ruang Yot

The 6th level Ruang Yot is characterized by water flowing down the rock layers into a small waterfall suitable for sitting and watching the waterfall.

7th level, Rojana

7th level, Rojana is a small waterfall that flows into a long pool. There is a beautiful cliff view.

National park entrance fee
Thai people: 40 baht for adults, 20 baht for children.
Foreigners: 300 baht for adults, 100 baht for children.

How to get to Chat Trakan Waterfall
Chat Trakan Waterfall is about 7 hours from Bangkok, about 500 kilometers distance. The fastest way is to take a plane from Bangkok to Phitsanulok Airport, then rent a car and drive to Chat Trakan Waterfall is the fastest and most time-saving way.
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