Tao Dam waterfall is great and magnificent

Tao Dam waterfall (Black Turtle Waterfall) is in Klong Wang Chao National Park, Khlong Lan Kamphaeng Phet District.

 It is the largest and tallest waterfall in Kamphaeng Phet Province with a height of 600 meters. There is a source of water originating from the Sop Khun Mak Stream that flows through Khao Tao Dam, causing water to flow all year round.

If you stand in front of the waterfall and look up to the top of the 270m tall waterfall, you can see the water splashing and spraying all over the area.

Below the Tao Dam waterfall is a large deep basin that looks so dark green that it looks like black. Looking down from the top, it resembles a big black turtle and it became the name of the waterfall.

Next to the basin in front of the waterfall, there are large and small stones lined all around. Those stones blocked the stream before the waterfall flowed into a wide water inlet again and flowed down to form a second waterfall.

At the second level of the waterfall, the water meanders in a narrow channel above the mountain peak. Then fall down to the bottom, it's a beautiful waterfall that I really can't take my eyes off.

How to get to the Black Turtle Waterfall?


Tao Dam Waterfall is located more than 34 kilometers from the park office. The route to travel is quite difficult with winding up and down hills and a single lane road as well. Driving, therefore, requires a high level of expertise and caution. It is recommended to use the local pickup service.

Or you can ask for more information at Khlong Wang Chao National Park. Near Tao Dam Waterfall, there is a car park. Tent pitches and restrooms are available. Tao Dam Waterfall is about 300 meters from the camping ground.

Google Map : https://goo.gl/maps/4s7wDDipNunGE7av9

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