Klong Prao Waterfall, spectacular in the middle of the evergreen forest

Klong Prao Waterfall (formerly Thap Chang Waterfall) is located in Thung Tako District, Chumphon Province. It is a large waterfall in the middle of a beautiful forest. There is water all year round, even in summer the waterfall is beautiful.

In the past, trekking to this waterfall required a lot of effort as having to walk into the middle of the forest through steep mountain paths was a challenge for adventurous tourists. But now a new route is being used, making accessibility better. You can drive a car to reach the tourist service point.

Klong Prao Waterfall is very beautiful with 5 levels, the 3rd level being the highest level is 36 meters. It is quite a spectacular sight. The third floor is the most beautiful. When the waterfall hits the rocks scattered throughout the area below is also very spectacular. The bottom looks like a puddle of clear and cool water.

The park office area does not have accommodation, restaurants or any facilities, only a camping area.
If tourists want to camp here, they must prepare their own equipment. This park also has a great abundance of nature, including flying tigers, hornbills and many other animals.

Getting to Klong Prao Waterfall

Klong Prao Waterfall must travel into the forest. Please explore the route before traveling by yourself. The journey from Bangkok to Klong Prao Waterfall takes approximately 7 hours, a distance of 541 kilometers. Alternatively, you can take a plane to Ranong Airport and then rent a car and drive yourself to the waterfall.

Google map : https://goo.gl/maps/eahXupPsJ5bKSiAs6

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