Krathing Waterfall Adventure, Chanthaburi Thailand

Krathing Waterfall is in Khao Khitchakut National Park. I have already visited Krating Waterfall on 14 November 2021. It is a waterfall that is as beautiful as Namtok Phlio, which is the most popular waterfall in Chanthaburi.

What is different from Namtok Phlio is that Namtok Krathing is higher, if you want to visit all levels of the waterfall you have to walk up a steep hill. But with the vastness of Krating Waterfall, you can visit the 1st to 3rd floors as well. The 4th to 9th floors are suitable for those who want to walk on an adventure. I have taken photos and videos of the Krating Waterfall for you to see.

Krathing Waterfall, a waterfall in Khao Khitchakut National Park You can go camping here.The atmosphere in the park is shady, suitable for nature lovers. When entering Khao Khitchakut National Park, you have to check the Covid-19 prevention measures.

Location :

The park sign is next to the parking lot.

There is a coffee shop here.

Pathway to Krathing Waterfall

Walking along this path will lead you to the 3rd level of the Krating Waterfall.

Krating Waterfall Level 3

The walkway goes up to the 4th to 9th levels of the Krathing Waterfall.

6th floor waterfall

7th floor waterfall

8th floor waterfall

9th floor waterfall
You must inform the staff beforehand that you will go up to the 9th level waterfall as the ascent is quite dangerous.

The walk down the waterfall was as tiring as walking up.

The waterfall is crystal clear and you can see the fish.

2nd level waterfall

1st floor waterfall

Krathing Waterfall's Video

Have fun

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