Chae Son Waterfall in Lampang

Chae Son National Park, Mueang Pan District, Lampang Province is a national park that has been awarded the best national park of the country in the past. There is an area that covers the area to 4 districts consisting of Mueang Pan District, Mueang District, Chae Hom District and Wang Nuea District. Covering Mae Sook National Reserved Forest, Mae Soi Forest, Tui Forest on the left bank Mae Tui on the right side and Khun Wang Forest with an area of ​​approximately 768 square kilometers

The terrain of Chae Son National Park is a complex of high mountains, part of the Phi Pan Nam West Ridge, stretching from north to southwest to south. The highest peak is Doi Lanka, which is 2031 meters above sea level, is the watershed area.

The first level of the Wang River Basin is the watershed source of the Wang River. There are important rivers such as Mae Mi, Mae Tom, Mae Soi, Mae Mon, Mae Pan, Mae Ha, Mae Bom, Mae Bueng, Mae Sook and Mae Khom. It boasts about 36 liters of hot spring water per minute, with temperatures between 39 and 82 degrees Celsius, and eggs can be cooked in minutes.

Chae Son Waterfall in Chae Son National Park is a waterfall originating from the Mon River, with clear water flowing all year round, with basins supporting the entire stream flowing down in layers. It has a total height of 6 floors, each floor will have a different beauty.

The area of ​​the pond that is the source of the water that combines to form the Chae Son Waterfall is Mae Mon Waterfall. It is a waterfall that will have a lot of water flowing down from the high ridge and down to the ravine below. The falling water will fall in layers, strangely beautiful.

There are also other waterfalls to visit such as Mae Khun Waterfall and Mae Wet Waterfall as well. Of course, there is also a famous hot spring, Jae Son Hot Spring, for us to sit and soak in the middle of the forest as well.

Getting to Chae Son Waterfall
 hae Son Waterfall is about 2 hours 20 minutes from Chiang Mai Airport, 103 kilometers distance.
You can drive along the map.
The waterfall is located in Chae Son National Park.

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