Adventure travel Kayaking at Ao Thalane, Krabi

Many times, when visiting the sea Krabi Province, I don't always want to go to the island or go to the sea, right?

Maybe you want to find some new places to see, and of course, one of the attractions in Krabi that I would like to recommend is Ao Thalane. We will go kayaking. It is an unusual boating because we will be able to see the beautiful view at the million level.

Ao Thalane is a small bay in the west, not far from Krabi town, about 35 kilometers. It is a world famous kayaking place because of its very beautiful nature. There are both limestone mountains and mangrove forests that are still in perfect condition with various wildlife living and can be seen up close. And most importantly, there is a boating route to see the nature along with the view of the mangrove forest that is still intact. It is a popular tourist destination for foreigners from all over the world who come to kayak and see the natural scenery.

Ao Thalane is one of the most beautiful bays in Thailand. It is also surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and small offshore islands. It is a great place for kayaking. As you slowly drift down the river You'll find hidden little paths and marvel at the pristine ecosystems that are quiet and away from the crowds. You will also be able to admire the diverse nature and fauna such as rare birds, monkeys, and more. You can choose to join a half-day kayaking trip or join a full-day tour with optional elephant
trekking activities.

What makes Ao Thalane so popular with kayakers is the winding paths where paddling is fun, the calm waters without the waves make it easy to paddle. Most importantly, we also learned about the mangrove ecosystem at the same time. The boating route has 2 routes, the first route is a large circle with a distance of 7 kilometers and a small circle route of 4 kilometers, which is a circle.

From the beginning, paddles traverse through the mangroves, where some seawater may have deposits of salt floating like oil. The water is not as clear as the sea outside, but actually this stain is caused by the process of turning saltwater into fresh water by the extracted mangrove roots. It is the reason why mangroves can live in salt water.

After starting to kayak for a while, both sides of the road will gradually narrow and unknowingly turn from mangrove forest to limestone mountain. Then you will begin to enter the Canyon, which is the most beautiful viewpoint of Ao Thalane. The atmosphere of the limestone cliffs are arranged alternately along the way. Making the sea during this period look like it has been divided into many rooms known as the lagoon. This area will be used as a refuge when the monsoon happens for sailors because the limestone cliffs will shield the waves from outside, including the tsunami many years ago as well.

For anyone who is interested in kayaking here, it's not difficult at all because there are a lot of tours brought here. It is a package with various conveniences. You can choose according to your preferences and anyone who likes boating fun. You can exercise along with the view and you must fall in love with Ao Thalane. For anyone who thinks that you must be tired of kayaking here, I can say that if you look at the natural surroundings, it will be fun until you forget all the tiredness.

Traveling for kayaking at Ao Thalane
Ao Thalane is only 45 minutes from Krabi Airport, about 37 kilometers. You can drive along the map.  But most tourists prefer to take a kayaking tour in Ao Thalane because it is more comfortable.
Kayaking Ao Thalane Toure package

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