Phuket car rental cheap less than 500 THB/Day

Renting a sightseeing car in Phuket is more convenient than public transport, which has limited service hours. There are many rental provider in Phuket service to tourists and the majority of visitors are family or group vacationers. The starting price for renting a car per day is around 800 - 1,000 baht depending on the size of the car and the year of sale. But today we're going to suggest rentals car in Phuket that costs less than 500 THB. 

First, We will show you those are requirement for car rental.
1. Passport
2. Driver license
3. Credit card (If you want to pay by credit card)
3. Air ticket or public transport ticket that you arrive in Phuket  (If you want to pay by cash)

*There may be an advance rental deposit or insurance. Please ask for information first.


Phuket car rental 410 bath/day
 Phuket car rental 410 THB/day

Phuket car rental 489 THB/day
 Phuket car rental 489 THB/day

Phuket car rental 500 THB/day
 Phuket car rental 500 THB/day

Click below link for more information and get the car
Email :
Call 020385222

This is not our sponsor, it is an option to you choose  and you have to consider with other car rental provider for the best choice.

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